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Separately Managed Accounts
Some clients need greater specialization and/or prefer separate accounts for each investing strategy. Through, our partnership with Envestnet our clients may allocate some of their assets into one of the Separately Managed Accounts.

The benefits of the Separately Managed Accounts include the following: 
  • Smaller minimum account size (Generally Participating Money Managers have minimum client accounts size ranging from $250,000 to $10,000,000)
  • Direct ownership of the securities in the portfolio
  • Expert Management
  • Tax Management
  • Specialized Services
  • Competitive Pricing

Our Managed Account Solution provides individual investors with direct access to over 745 of the world's leading investment managers, many of whom were once available exclusively to large institutional investors. With a separately managed account, our clients enjoy direct ownership of the securities in the portfolio. This allows for greater flexibility, more control and significant tax advantages over other investment vehicles. The Managed Account Solution is ideal for clients seeking a long-term, customized, goals-driven approach to investment planning. Each separate account typically has a minimum investment of $100,000. Some managers may have higher minimums.
Our Unified Managed Account (UMA) allows us to build customized portfolio models using a wide variety of asset classes and to manage multiple client accounts following each model. This investment strategy delivers the benefits of combining traditional separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and ETFs in a single fully-diversified portfolio. The flexibility of this program makes it appropriate for multi-million dollar accounts as well as for accounts with as little as $150,000.

  • Open Architecture - Access to over 1,700 investment products including mutual funds, ETFs and over 200 SMA portfolios (availability of investment products may vary).
  • Efficiency- Ability to manage multiple client accounts by managing a single UMA model with Envestnet performing all account-level trading including rebalancing.
  • Professional Asset Management- Access to the knowledge and expertise of leading institutional asset managers. If accessed directly, some of these firms are only available for accounts of $25 million or more.
  • Simplified Account Paperwork - Each portfolio is held in a single custodial account which simplifies new account processing and eliminates the hassle of multiple statements.
  • Comprehensive Performance Reporting - Performance is reported both for the combined portfolio and for each individual investment sleeve.
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